Singles Swag Box: April 2017

I have mixed feelings about the marketing behind this box. On one hand, I’m not single and I need reminders to love myself. But on the other hand, do folks who are single need more of a reminder to love themselves? If that was the case, should this be free? Either way, it’s been a minute since I got myself a subscription box and I definitely love myself, so I treated myself and ordered the Singles Swag box.

It confused my boyfriend. I thought it was pretty silly that he had already brought it in before I got home, and when I got excited about it, he asked what it was, and why it was here. When I explained that it’s a treat yourself box, he was just confused about the name (me too, dude). But it’s full of some pretty rad products, so let’s get into it!

The absolute first thing I tried were (of course) the snacks. These little 100 calorie packs are pretty dang tasty. I struggled to not go through the entire box super quickly, and am grateful for the serving size bags.

Next, I tried the nail polish remover wipes from Nail Art. I was excited because not only are they supposed to not stink up the world, but they do not use gelatin in them (which my regular nail polish does. It took me 3 wipes to get dark purple polish off both hands and feet, and that’s quite impressive to me. They have a hint of vanilla to them, and they’re easy to use. I will probably be buying these once I’m out of my regular remover.

After that, I started checking out the “Use it once” package. In it are three “single” sized items; a mask, a hand cream, and a hair mask.  I started with the face mask and quickly learned that these are not single sizes. These are good sleepover things, because there is enough for 2-3 uses. But being determined, I packed it on. The mask was nice; it smelled sweet (pomegranate) and felt nice, but it was too much. I washed it off before it hardened completely.

I had a similar experience with the Cucumber Melon Hand Cream. I used it 3 times on my hands, feet, and legs, and there was still some left over! It smells phenomenal, but the lack of a resealable container makes using it over and over again a bit frustrating. But the cream makes my body amazingly soft, so that’s good!

Much like with the other 2 products, this is not actually a single use package. I feel like I could probably get a couple months of use out of this, if I use it weekly. Before this I hadn’t done a hair mask, and I did a little bit of research only to find that everyone has different recommendations. The instructions said to shampoo, rinse, work the mask into the ends of your hair, wait 15 minutes, and get back in the shower to rinse it out. Simple instructions, but in & out of the shower sounds irritating. It ended up being not so bad; sitting with my toweled hair and robe (with a bonus face mask on) I felt like it was the nicest little at home spa. I really enjoyed this almond mask, and I’ll be using it in the future!

I’m not the biggest fan of the MudLove bracelet that came in the box, but I know some folks who would be down for it, so I’ll pack it away for the holiday season. I hate the idea of throwing away something that someone else could enjoy.

The candle that was included is lovely. It’s a strong, sweet scent, and the candle is a pretty good size. I’ve burned it a couple times, and I think it’ll last a good chunk of time.


That’s all for April’s Singles Swag box! it was fun opening this, and I think it’s a pretty good deal for $25, and I think it’s a good treat yourself package. You can check the boxes out here, have a lovely Easter!























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