The Fate of the Furious

I saw this movie on Sunday and am still processing it. Wow. It was phenomenal and I can not get over any of it. Also, I’m grateful to the boyfriend who suggested we go early to avoid crowds; there were 2 other couples in the theatre with us, and the ones that sat in the same row as us were as excited as we were, so it felt great to see it then.

I’m really excited about this movie but I have to tell you right now, there will be spoilers strewn throughout this article, so consider this your…


This FF movie opens with the ever constant street party turned race scene that is in every Fast & Furious movie. The women have their nights out, and there is dancing everywhere. I get frustrated, but I tolerate it for the incredibly strong women who also grace the screens of FF movies. As per usual, someone (Dom’s cousin) gets in trouble and there is a race for pinks. Dom does an incredible homage to Brian by ending the race driving backwards (also the front half of his car is on fire), and he earns the respect of the gentleman who was racing him. He doesn’t take the car, because he is okay with just the respect.

The next day, Dom is walking home with some coffee and groceries when he stops to help a woman with her car. She offers him a deal he can not refuse (but we don’t know what it is yet), so he doesn’t refuse. But she promises that he will have to go against his team, and he says it’s worth it.

Stateside, the Family is called together to steal an EMP. The main crew is all there, and it goes without a hitch, until they break off to go their separate ways. Dom pushes Hobbs off the road, takes the EMP, and leaves. Hobbs is the only one who doesn’t get away, and ends up in prison.

Before being locked up, Mr Nobody (and Little Nobody) approach Hobbs with a way to walk out, and his name off the books. Hobbs refuses, and finds out that the person whose cell is directly across from his is Ian Shaw, Han’s killer. They smack talk each other and eventually, Mr Nobody opens Hobbs’ cell door. Shaw gets himself out, and they race through the now rioting and open prison, and are met at the end with Mr Nobody.

The crew has to work with Shaw. It sucks, but they need another driver since Dom is clearly out, and Shaw is good. They find out that Dom is working for Cipher (who is trying to get the world leaders to act how she wants). And though they don’t know it, Dom is working for her because Elena had his child and Cipher has them trapped on her plane.

Before this next mission, Dom fakes car trouble and gets to a place where God’s Eye (the computer software that can use any camera to find anyone) and meets up with Helen Mirren. Then, Cipher gets Dom to steal nuclear codes from Russia for her, and when his team (specifically Letty) intervenes, he does his best not to get them hurt but to still get the package to Cipher. Cipher has Elena killed because of the way he handled himself and Letty.

Charlize Theron is Cipher, so the name can be changed to Fate of the Furiosa.

After that, it’s time to head to actual Russia to set off a nuclear warhead or two. Dom goes with Cipher’s team to set off the EMP and get into a base, hack into a submarine, and release some bombs. His family is there to take him down (without Ian Shaw, he was shot by Dom at the last mission and is dead). He does what Cipher says, but she soon finds out that he has a back up plan.

When Dom spoke to Helen Mirren, we didn’t see much other than her terrible clothing and overbearing cockney. But, we know a couple of brothers with British blood; the Shaws. Dom shot Ian Shaw, but he was immediately picked up by an ambulance with Helen Mirren in it. They got Owen Shaw out of jail, and then flew their butts up to Cipher’s plane, where they took out her guys and got Dom’s baby. Sadly, Cipher gets away, but the fight scene with Jason Statham and the baby is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

As soon as Dom gets the word that the baby is safe, he kills the sniper in position to shoot Letty, and rides to his family (who are running from the many angry Russian separatists and their guns. Dom blows up the Russians and is saved from the blast by his family, who circles their cars up to keep him from dying.

It ends with coronas on a rooftop in New York, and the family waits to meet the baby. Dom announces the babies name, Brian, and everyone in the audience cries. Like, first of all, how dare you? It ends with Dom saying grace and it’s cute and perfect wow.

I have many feelings for this. I’ve never cheered during a movie before, but I did this time. I exclaimed numerous times, and just had an all out good time watching it. I’m incredibly glad that I watched the entire series so recently, because seeing Luke Evans come back got me so pumped, and I was harboring the same feelings about Jason Statham as everyone else; he killed Han, screw that guy.

I have a theory for the way these movies will end, and I’ll be bringing that up on the Super Art Fight Podcast tomorrow night. I can not wait to share it with everyone, and talk Fast & Furious until my throat is hoarse.











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