Last Man: The Chase

We had a little break last week, but we’re back with the third book of the Last Man series and oh boy is it a doozy! When we left off, Adrian and his mother had realized that Richard had left them, and the mother (Marianne) decided that they were going to find him, because he took the tournament winnings.

Adrian and Marianne take a trip on a motorcycle, and come to a point where they have to cross over. They go to what seems like another world; back home they don’t have electricity or motors, but this new place is a dangerous, fast paced city.

At first I was really upset with this book; there are multiple threats of rape as a legal punishment, and there is some vile conversations regarding Marianna and Adrian. But after finishing this book and thinking on it, I’ve realized that it’s a terrifyingly accurate threat, and a thing that happens a lot to women and children.

In the story, Marianne and Adrian go through the desert into a city, where they’re looking for Richard. There, Marianne is offered a job at a struggling brothel, and is eventualy brought to court for practicing prostitution without a license (even though she and Adrian were just staying there for safety). The court is something special; they physically fight to decide how the judge leans.

Within this book, we learn a lot about Marianne. She takes no crap and is incredibly powerful. As much as these books seem like crazy action comics, there is a lot of depth in the female characters. They are strong and passionate, and I love them. There is clearly a lot more to Marianne than we had known to this point.

Yet again, this is not an all ages comic. It has some dangerous triggers and frustrating moments. That being said, I think this is a phenomenal series. If you feel able to read through these triggers and frustrating bits, this is a book that you need to read. There is some not-so-subtle commentary on government and life. I can not recommend it enough, and I can’t wait to read the fourth book!











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