April 21st

I feel like this week is my goal for every week. I didn’t feel overwhelmed at all, I exercised every weekday (and I will be continuing that after work tonight), and I got a good amount done. I haven’t played Breath of the Wild since Sunday (when I beat my second Divine Beast), and that’s because I’ve been incredibly wrapped up in Anna Kendrick’s book; Scrappy Little Nobody. I’ll be posting my thoughts on that tomorrow.

I’m a bit nervous because my parents will be in town starting tonight, and our apartment is a mess (sorry mum!). I don’t know the plans for this weekend, but I want it to be clean enough to feel good about, and have them come over. Because even though we don’t have a ton, our apartment looks leaps and bounds better than when I moved in. Also, showing it off feels nice, and I want my parents to see that I’m doing okay.

I’ve got some cleaning to do, so I’ll keep it brief this week. I hope your Friday is as great as possible, and that you have a fantastic weekend!


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