Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

Fangirls, I’ve spent my lunches and evenings devouring Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody (which I will now refer to as SLN) because it’s incredible.

I got this book ages ago at Target, and haven’t touched it, with the exception of putting it on the new bookshelf after I built it. It has been a hell of a ride, reading this book, because it’s incredibly conversational. She writes as if she’s talking to a friend, and that makes Anna Kendrick seem even cooler.

Her book, SLN, is stories from her childhood and times on set, and how they got her here today. I really enjoyed hearing her childhood stories, because they all showed an incredible tenacity. She is originally from Maine, and once her parents sent 12 year old her with her 14 year old brother on a bus to New York City to audition for a Broadway musical. They ended up having to stay in NYC a couple nights by themselves, and their parents had to wire money to a seedy hotel so they could stay. The entire situation seemed like a massive recipe for disaster, but Anna and her brother, Mike, took it in stride.

There’s another great section about a time she spent 3 days at a pirate boat festival called Buccaneer Days. They went through a massive storm to get there, and she started a vomit chain on the boat. It did not seem like something I would want to be a part of, and she said that now she wouldn’t want to spend her time that way, but before she was (at least) intrigued by the concept.

The book is full of anecdotes and ex boyfriend stories, along with tidbits from award shows and movie sets. There’s a lot of behind the scenes information that she lays kind of bare in her book, and that makes it feel even more like you’re talking to a friend. Her book is a blast the entire way through, and I highly suggest you check it out. Bonus; if you purchase it at Target there is a Target Exclusive Chapter where she writes about how she loves that Target makes her feel productive because of the amount of cleaning supplies and closet organizers she can buy (but then not use).

I love it. I loved reading this book, I loved not rushing through it; everything about it was enjoyable. I can not recommend it enough because it is so much fun to read.











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