Formula 10.0.6 Mask Pack

Fangirls, I bought this 2 pack about 7 months ago, with the intent of reviewing it, but somehow I never got around to it (shocking, right?). But it’s actually a phenomenal duo of masks, and I genuinely think everyone should check them out, at least once.

First, we’re going to talk about the Deep Down Detox. It’s a creamy mud mask, full of orange and bergamot. Though I use masks almost exclusively in the mornings at this point, this is a great bath mask. Since it’s a mud mask, it isn’t big on exfoliation as much as it is cleaning. It’s also not a peel mask, and the lack of those two things makes me feel like it’s a more chilled out mask; not always the best way to start my day bright. I love it, though. The scent is sunny as heck, and it feels good to put it on (a couple weeks ago I used it while playing Breath Of The Wild, and I didn’t want to take it off, since I was playing). My skin feels nice and soft after using it and it is an all around great mask.

That being said, in my mind, the second mask is the true star here. The Three Times Sublime mask does what the name says; triple duty. It is a mask, scrub, and face wash, and it does all of that well! Packed with pink grapefruit and jojoba, this mask smells beyond amazing, and scrubs and cleans your face when you take it off. That makes me feel like it’s the best morning mask out there, but I am disappointed that it is the smaller of the two from the two pack.

I started using masks in the morning because I ran out of face wash, and I have so many products that it’s a bit wacky to buy a new one when I have so much here to use. For mornings, I definitely prefer ThreeTimes Sublime because of it’s scrub and wash abilities, but the Deep Down Detox is a phenomenal bath, or chill out mask. I love them both for different reasons, and they’re well worth checking out. You can grab Three Times Sublime & Deep Down Detox in those links!











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