I am so incredibly late to this party. Last night I was getting ready to fold laundry, and looking for something to watch while I did. Galavant came up in our “recommended” section, so I figured I would check it out. I’m so freaking happy that I did.

I’m (obviously) only a couple episodes in, but I’m in love with this show. It stars Galavant, who was known as the most impressive knight and slayer of dragons. But when his beloved chose the rich life with King Richard over Galavant, he was crushed. A year later, the princess of Valencia shows up looking for Galavant; King Richard has taken over Valencia and he’s the only one who can save her people!

She soon reveals (to the audience, not Galavant or his squire Sid) that King Richard spared her life only to get her to fetch Galavant so he can kill him in front of his bratty queen. There is much adventure in this show, and even more than that, there is singing.

Galavant is a musical TV show, from ABC (one of Disney’s properties). The score is written by Alan Menken, and seeing his name got me so excited that I nearly fell over. Menken is behind the Little Mermaid and numerous other Disney movies and Broadway shows. It’s incredible.

So while this is on a Disney owned network, with music by a Disney composer, this is not a kids show. There is a lot of talk of sex (usually referred to as just “doing it,” so not too raunchy), and quite a bit of poorly hidden innuendo. It’s hilarious, but probably not for younger audiences. If you’re at an age where that’s comfortable, though, I can not recommend this show highly enough. There are two seasons on Netflix, and it looks like we may not get a season three.

So watch what you fan of it on Netflix, because Galavant is an incredible show. It has cameos from John Hamm and Weird Al (and I’m sure more), and it’s just fun. It’s a fun show to watch, and I want to power through it so I can start listening to the music without fear of spoilers.











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