Last Man: The Show

In installment 4 of the Last Man Series, a lot happens. We open with Marianne and Adrian talking to a woman who works at a business making pop stars, and it escalates from there.

Marianne and Adrian finally see Richard, and he’s in pretty dire straits. He had stolen the cup from them to pay back his debt to the man he is with, and lost the earnings getting there, so no one is happy. Marianne and Adrian, upset with Richard’s General cruddy-ness, enter a massive tournament to win some money, get the heck out of there, and prove that they can handle things without Aldana.

This is the only splash I think I’ve seen from this comic, and it’s incredible.

This tournament, the Fight Fist Funeral Cup, is a bit more like what we’d be used to; it’s boxing or mixed martial arts. Sadly, we don’t get to see much of the fighting because Marianne and Adrian are kicking butt! Using the summoning from their town, they’re destroying all of their opponents, and it looks like they’ll be taking on Richard and his partner soon enough. Richard’s partner, as it so happens, is Cristo from Adrian’s village.

At a party/club after the days tournament, Adrian is being watched by Tomie (Richard’s ex wife and pop star), and they end up outside, in a not so great situation. Surprisingly, the one who comes to their aid is Cristo. He kicks the attackers butts, and gets Tomie and Adrian inside to safety.

This book is full of action, and though I thought the next one was the final installment, it looks like it is not. I’m glad that this series seems to grow every time I worry that it’s almost over. It’s a blast to read, and I’m loving going through them. I hope there are more than 6, or at least that it is a continuing series.























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