Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

I know most of my recent book reviews have been about Neil Gaiman. I can’t help it, he’s currently one of my favorite authors. One of the first books I read by him was American Gods, you can check out the review here. It’s my favorite book ever, and it’ll hold that spot for a long time. So when I discovered there was a semi-sequel, Anansi Boys, I had to read it – especially before the American Gods series began. Just in case.


Anansi Boys is, as I said, sort of a sequel to American Gods. It focuses on one of the gods, Anansi or Mr. Nancy as he’s known in American Gods. But at the same time, it doesn’t focus on him. It’s all about his son, Fat Charlie, who discovers upon his father’s death that he has a brother he never knew about named Spider. When Charlie and Spider finally meet, all hell breaks loose.

The novel doesn’t just tell the story of Anansi’s sons though. Throughout it we read some of Anansi’s more….trickier myths. Myths where he was proven to be the Trickster God. Myths that showed what he was like and in turn what his bloodline could be like. It was wonderful.

This book wasn’t nearly as heavy and mind exploding as American Gods was for me. But I truly enjoyed it. All the different characters woven into this web were fun and fascinating to watch grow. And it was quite a web they spun.

There’s rumors of this being adapted for television as well, but as much as I want it, I hope it isn’t until after American Gods ends, and it has to be the same crew. That would be beautiful.











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