Foolish Mortal Supply Co. & Work Week Fashion

I’m not going to lie to you friends; it’s been so long since I’ve written about clothes that I feel a bit silly right now. But I also feel like I got one of the coolest shirts on the planet the other day, so we’re pushing through!

Why yes, my face IS blurred because it’s goofy and weird.

I gave up buying pins and apparel for lent. So I spent all of that time listing over cute pins and shirts that I wanted, along with realizing that I was in need of some new pants and shoes. So when lent ended, I treated myself to some nice bottoms. They feel very mature for me, but I bought them with a specific purpose; to wear with cool tshirts so I can feel more appropriately dressed for the office.

Now, let me tell you; I don’t work in a fancy office. Our dress code is business casual, and I had someone tell me that as long as I don’t look like I can go from work straight to the club or gym, I should be good. It’s very casual, and that’s nice. But I like dressing up, and while I don’t want to go over the top, I want to wear things that I feel good in. Nicer clothes that fit well make me feel nice, and so do nerdy tshirts. And I know it’s not groundbreaking or the fashion law, but Chelsea Handler wears tshirts with dressier pants and looks fantastic. I want to emulate that.

This is a lot of lead up for one shirt, isn’t it?

I love this shirt, though. I think it’s so cool, not just because of the incredibly awesome design, but also because of the color. They make this in black, also, and I really thought I was going to order black. But I don’t own many yellow shirts; I have a mustard shirt and a lighter mustard sweater, but neither are anywhere near as vibrant as this one. And while I was nervous about ordering something so bright, I’m glad I did.

Most of my pants are dark, as are most of my shirts. Both the boyfriend and I have a pretty dark aesthetic that we rock, and it’s a good look. But matching dark shirts with dark pants is a bit glum, regardless of aesthetic. So having some bright colors thrown in is fun, and makes for more interesting looks.

This incredible shirt is a mash up of 2 things that I absolutely adore in Disney; Dole Whip & Trader Sam’s. Dole Whip is my favorite dessert (I would not feel guilty eating it daily), and Trader Sam’s is a tiki bar that is filled with artifacts that the Jungle Cruise skippers brought back from their adventures. It’s crazy comfortable, and even if you’re not as deep into Disney as I am, it’s a rad shirt! I got endless compliments on it, and it brightened quite the dreary day this week. You can grab your own shirt just like this from Foolish Mortal Supply Co.; it’s an independent couple that is (clearly) killing the tshirt game.

I’ll be featuring more of my nerdy shirts in upcoming weeks, and those will definitely be shorter pieces. I can’t pose for a photo to save my life, but I really enjoy fashion, and I’m loving that like this I look like I almost have my S together. It’s a nice feeling.











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