Appdicted: Nike+ Training Apps

So I’ve only used each of these once, but I can feel that they’re addictive and I will be using them again soon. As many of you may know, I registered for a half-marathon last week. It’s a little bit crazy because I can’t run very far…yet. That being said, clearly some training is in order, and I was recommended the Nike+ Running App because it gives you a sense of community in your runs.

With the Nike+ Running Club, I love running even more. Much like the FitBit app, you are told your distance and time, but also you’re encouraged by a super happy dude who legitimately cheers you on. They suggest you do a Just Do It 5k every Sunday, and instead of that, I ran an 8k this past Sunday (I’ll be doing the 5Ks from now on though). This made me excited to run with the app more, and see how it works on a treadmill (I’m assuming it doesn’t), but maybe that will help push me to go outside for runs. I’m also using it to build a running plan, to get me moving even more, and that seems like it’s going to be a situation similar to Couch to 5k; it’ll give me goals to hit and coach me through them.

Similarly, I’ve started using the Nike+ Training app to push myself to limits where I’m drenched in sweat (shout out to yesterday’s workout). Yesterday I did a workout that was labelled Intermediate and it wrecked me. I was legitimately dripping sweat at the end, which was gross and great, but I felt like a champ (especially thanks to some encouragement from my gym buddy Brandon) because I made it through. This is an app that needs to be open when you use it; if you lock your phone while it’s going, your exercise will pause. That kind of stinks, but it features videos on how to do it, and that is incredibly helpful. Again, this app is also encouraging, telling you to focus on form instead of speed, and making sure to remind you to stretch afterwards (I need that reminder). You can also have a plan with this, and be coached through it, but you can’t do both a running plan and training plan at the same time.

I couldn’t screenshot while I was working out because I was working out.

I’m really excited to use these apps in tandem, and see where it gets me. I did gentle stretches yesterday after my intense workout, and I did 30 minutes of yoga before bed last night. Today, I’m less sore than expected, and I’m ready to do it again!











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