Last Man: The Order

Up until last week, I thought this was the final book in the Last Man series, but it’s not! I’ve yet to order the next one, so there is a possibility that I won’t have it for next week, so I may take a break from this series for a bit. But believe me, I don’t want to; these books are incredible cliffhangers! But let’s get to the book.

In this book, Marianne and Adrian have made it to the semi finals of the FFFC. Adrian realizes right as they’re about to go on that he doesn’t want to do showbiz anymore, and Marianne tells him that it’s okay, they can go back to the valley instead of fighting. When the folks in the crowd see them leaving, they turn on the duo, and Banus goes as far as to try to fight them. But Richard hops into the ring, goads Banus into fighting him, then teams up with Adrian to kick his butt.

Milo is not pleased with this, especially since he runs this whole show. He sends someone after Richard and the Velbas, and another crew after Tomie (because the map back to the valley is at her house). A superpowered man attacks Richard & the Velbas, but one of Milo’s men (a double agent) saves them to go to Tomie’s.

At Tomie’s, there has already been a solid amount of murder. The crew is there; killing her staff and looking for the map. And once they find her, they try to kill her too. But Cristo saves her, and gets frozen in the process. Somehow he gets the map back, takes out the superpowered junkie, and kills most of the bad guy swat team before getting frozen completely. It’s impressive.

This is the superpower junkie; Duke Diamonds.

Tomie gets shot on the way to the car with Richard, do the Velbas and their small reporter friend take her to the hospital while Richard and the double agent (H) head into the house to find Cristo and the map. Cristo breaks free of his icey prison to give them the map and work with them to get back to the Velbas.

On the way to the hospital, the Velbas were thrown from the car. Marianne, Adrian, and Tomie were taken, while the reporter friend was left to tell Richard where they went.

While this is happening, the people of the Valley of the Kings are finding out that Richard Aldana kidnapped the Velbas, and that the old ways will be reinstated. For them, that means that the schools for training will no longer be for sport, but instead for training an army. They are fearful of losing their peace, so they’re going to war.

This book ends with Adrian having a needle shoved into his neck while “you’re clear to start the procedure” is said above him. Tomie has died, and Marianne is stuck somewhere, separated from her son. The people that kidnapped them want to take over the Valley of the Kings, and a big fight is coming up in the next book.











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