Every weekday has been a three-a-day workout. I do one in the morning (usually weighted hula hoop with some strengthening in there), a run & strength training immediately after work, and a half hour of yoga before bed. I know not everyone considers yoga exercise, but once you try it, you will know why it’s classified as such.

I’m a bit exhausted. I’ve got to modify my training so I’m alternating runs with strength training; running every day is tiring beyond belief, and while I want to be ahead of the game for my marathon training, I would like to make it to the marathon. Since Cassandra told me that Team in Training usually has you run 3 weekdays (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), plus a longer run on Saturdays, I’ll be doing strength training exclusively on Tuesday and Thursday. Every Sunday I’ll be doing my Just Do It 5k, which is a part of my Nike+ Running Club app.

Working out this much has made me really excited to train as a group (even though I’m doing it online), and I’m even more excited because I made the commitment to TNT last Thursday, and now I’ve raised almost $500! It’s incredible and I’m so grateful to everyone who has supported me, and continues to do so.

I’m excited to keep running, and to keep getting healthier. With the combination of exercises and counting my calories (again), I’ve lost a couple pounds already. I’m not trying to focus on my weight loss, because more than anything I want to feel comfortable in my skin. But losing weight is a great added bonus. I’m hoping that training will get me to a more comfortable weight, and a happier self in general.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend; I’m going to the SAF Free Comic Book Day show at the Cockeysville Library, and then we’re going to see the boy’s parents on Sunday. I’m working on a small design to sell for fundraising, and someone else is going to work with me on another fundraising design. If you have a dollar to spare or a moment to share, here is my link. I appreciate all sharing and donations, so thank you in advance!

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