Outback Mate Soap from Lush

Fangirls, this will probably be brief because there is honestly only so much you can say about soap. But I’m still going to say it! I’ve been a big fan of Lush cosmetics for the past couple of years, but recently I’ve been doing a very good job of not buying new stuff because I have a hoard of bath products from them that I’m making my way through (yes I’m patting myself on the back for not spending as much, especially since I bought nothing from the Christmas, Easter, or Mother’s Day collections). So I’ve slowly been pushing through before I spend money on new stuff.

Funny enough, this was not something I bought, but instead a sample within a box full of stuff I got quite some time ago. I’m finally getting around to using it, and I’m so glad I’m finally here.

Outback, Mate is a minty and fresh, blue soap that I’m loving. It’s so fresh and happy smelling, that it makes my day easier to start. It’s very bright, and I feel like mint isn’t a scent I usually get from soap (which is a bummer, since mint is my favorite everything), so that makes it even more exciting.

Another thing that I love about Lush is that the lather of the soap is almost always a fun color (much like the soap). This larger is a lovely bright blue, and it makes shaving my legs much easier because of the bright and visible lather.

I loved using this soap; the tiny chunk pictured above lasted me about 2 weeks (which I think is dang good for such a little chunk)! When I finally run out of soap, I’ll be beelining for this one. It has a great scent and makes me feel like I’m really starting my day right. You can grab your own here, or find a Lush near you here!











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