American Gods Episode 2

We met a lot of new characters this week on American Gods, and each introduction was perfect. The writing, casting, cinematography and music all continue to be wonderful. So, without any further ado let’s jump into episode two. (Small warning, this post will be discussing things such as spiders and slight violence)

american gods tv 1

The first character we meet is the trickster god Anansi, later to be known as Mr. Nancy, played by Orlando Jones. I have such a love hate relationship with this character. I adore Mr. Nancy, he’s got swagger and attitude and he can intimidate when needed. However, in his natural form of Anansi, aka a spider, I don’t enjoy his character. I do not like spiders at all, they freak me out. But despite knowing what I’d be seeing (kudos to the graphics crew for making him nice and creepy), I couldn’t help but be excited for this character.

Mr. Nancy is our coming to America story this week, and he crawled over on a slave ship. One frightened slave prayed and sang to him, and out of the woodwork comes Mr. Nancy dressed to the nines. The speech he gives is a political one, and a powerful one. I would happily watch Orlando Jones give this speech over and over. He rallies the slaves into rising up against the Dutch “mother f***ers” (His words) and burning the ship. And they do. And everyone dies except Anansi, who finds his ways onto the shores of America.

american gods tv 4

Flash forward to Shadow freaking out (rightly so) about being lynched by techno bots and wondering who saved him. Mr. Wednesday claims he knows nothing about it though he does know Technical Boy and what he wants. Shadow takes the night to relax and dreams of his dead wife, who claims she isn’t dead before Shadow wakes up. The next day he cleans out his old house and says goodbye for good.

Shadow and Wednesday are on their way to Chicago, but first a stop at a diner so Wednesday can have a meeting and Shadow can do some shopping to prepare for Chicago. The list is odd but Shadow follows it and almost has a normal day. Almost

Here, Shadow meets Media, portrayed by Gillian Anderson. She’s the new goddess of, well, everything. Television, internet videos – if you can watch it digitally you can worship her. She comes to Shadow in the form of Lucille Ball and offers him a job working for her. He is clearly confused and when he asks Wednesday about it, Wednesday brushes it off.

american gods tv 5

We get to see Bilquis again, as she continues to consume anyone to keep herself young. We also see that anyone she consumes is living happily in some sort of (I’m using the internet’s words here) vagina nebula. The best scene for her though tonight was when she went to a museum and saw a statue of herself and the jewels she used to wear as a goddess. The haunting memories of a time when she was worshiped, but she couldn’t look away.

In Chicago, we meet 4 new characters. Czernobog (Peter Stormare), and the Zoraya sisters. There are three of them but we only know two so far, Vechernyaya (Cloris Leechman) and Polunochnaya (Erika Kaar). They’re all Slavic gods living together to survive. Wednesday wants Czernobog to join his campaign, but considering Czernobog throws a lamp at him, that won’t be happening. Until he and Shadow are playing checkers and make a wager. See, Cznerobog misses the days when he could smash people’s heads in without regard. So, the wager goes if Shadow wins Cznerobog joins and if he loses Czernobog gets to smash his head with his hammer. And Shadow loses as the episode comes to a close.

american gods tv 6

As I said, the writing this week was spot on. Wednesday wins the favorite line of the week however when he says to Shadow, “Either the world is mad or you are. You decide which one and let me know. Take your time.” That might not be word for word but it was a great line. Until next week, when we meet more gods and get more Mad Sweeney.











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