I’m feeling lame & cruddy. I think it’s because I haven’t run as much as I’d like to this week, but I’ve been sick and I don’t need to make that worse. I’ve been crosstraining with the bike because I was told that helps quite a bit. I think I’m going to start biking in the evenings, as long as I’m not too exhausted from running.

I haven’t been keeping up with yoga and I feel guilty about that. I don’t know if I should tell myself to only work on it on weekends or non-run days to ease myself into it, but it’s an incredible work out. I also may just be so sleepy after doing it that I don’t clean myself up, and I go to bed sweaty (which is super gross).

We bought new sheets and a comforter yesterday. It was funny, because we realized that we put more thought into the colors of our sheets than we did into buying our tv. That seems a bit extreme, but it’s true and very silly.

I’m working on reading #GIRLBOSS and I hope to finish that for tomorrow. It seems I thought I was on top of Saturday posts, but they haven’t been there so apparently not. I’m working to make everything more manageable; work, writing, exercise, and fundraising, but it’s incredibly difficult. I legitimately don’t know how people do this constantly. I am insanely grateful to my incredible support system though. My boyfriend has been working his butt off to make sure I get rest and time to breathe when I can. So thanks, boy.

I know I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed, so to all of you out there pounding the pavement & kicking ass in general; congratulations. What you’re doing is not easy.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through Team in Training. If you have a couple of spare dollars to donate here, the cause is fantastic. Thank you in advance.











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Emily is a 20-something Fangirl in love with too many fandoms. You can find her on Twitter (@DoTheFangirl) and Instagram (@emilyfangirls).
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