On Treating Yourself for Yourself VS for Others

I didn’t really know what to title this, or honestly to what end I’m writing this. It’s not a reaction to something that was said, nor is it an attack on those who have different opinions than mine; I just needed to write it down. The other day I posted the below photo in my Instagram story, because I realized that I use a lot of products daily. As soon as I posted it, I realized that though my friends aren’t usually the type to assume, some folks may see that as a way to either humble brag that I spend too much on products (1. It’s my money & 2. I’ve actually slowed my spending tremendously because I have so much product that hasn’t been used yet), or to show how hard I work to make myself look good.

Almost all of the women that I know are of the mindset that our makeup or lotions or any sort of beauty products we use are for ourselves. I love my boyfriend dearly, but I’m not using a ton of products to amaze him with the softness of my legs, but father because I love having silky soft gams. It’s a personal preference.

This is where my brain is regardless of the product. Lingerie that I have is for me; it’s a cute, fancy secret that bolsters my confidence and mood. Cosmetics are the same; I have too many eyeshadow palettes, but I can have some really neat glitter on my lids because of that. That can’t be for other people, because you can barely see it through my glasses.

The pst two weeks have been difficult. I’ve been dealing with a lot of not great emotional stuff, all while pushing myself (admittedly) too far in both exercise and dieting. One thing that feels good, almost always, is a nice hot soak and/or some fancy lotions. They don’t fix things, but they offer relief.

I don’t do my makeup or use too many lotions for others, the same way I don’t work out for others. I want to feel good, inside and out, and those things tend to help. I hope you do things that make you feel nice today as well.










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