Sense8 Season 2

The second season of the Netflix series Sense8 was released on May 5th. Even though I didn’t get to binge watch it, I did finish it at 1am Monday night. I reviewed season 1 and the holiday special here and here. I liked season 1 and I loved the holiday special. But season 2 is the best the show has ever been.

sense8 2

Season 2 continues the fight against Whispers. Who I hate. A lot. Brilliantly acted by Terrance Mann. I’ll get back to Whispers later. So even though they’re all going through their own personal journeys, they’re still joined together and becoming a family. Riley and Will continue to hide from Whispers. Lito tries to move forward in his career after coming out publically. Sun works to free herself from prison. Capheus becomes a hero to his village. Kala tries to balance a stable marriage and secret feelings. Nomi finds a way to be free of the warrant that haunts her. And Wolfgang meets a member of a different cluster.

I had a LOT of favorite things about this season. A lot. First thing, the growth of every character, both in their own story line and within the cluster. The way they come together and help each other is even better this season than it was in the first season. During the first season, they were building the characters and the world and figuring out what was happening. For this season, they understand (as best they can) that they are a new kind of family and that no matter what they will be there for each other always. And this was shown beautifully through not only the writing and the acting but through the transitions as each Senseate enters the situation. The flow as they each either take over the main hosts’ body or as they enter the scene as a back up ally is so smooth this season I wanted to marry whoever made it so perfect.

Second thing I love was the expansion of the world. We get to meet other clusters and other Senseates this season it was incredible. Some were evil, such as Lilla, and some were amazing like Mr. Hoy played by the brilliant Sylvester McCoy. Seeing these new characters and learning how truly large the world of the Senseates is.

The third thing I love was the team building among our main cluster, mainly against Whispers. Let’s circle back to him and discuss him. In season 1, he was a shadow, mysterious, but not exactly scary. In season 2, he becomes a true evil. We see his backstory and discover how he became Whispers and what experiments he did to his own kind. As the season went on I hated him more and more and more and by the last episode I was screaming at him. An incredible performance and so well written. I don’t know if I’ve hated a villain like I hate him.

My friend summed this season up nicely by saying that it was like a rollercoaster ride that kept going up and down and up and down, and finally once it hits the biggest peak…it throws you right off. The cliff hanger is sudden and intense and perfect. The whole season was perfect.











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