Rosemary, Mint, & Sand Soap from Green Village Soap Co

Two very important things to know about me; I love mint but I hate sand. I don’t know why exactly I thought buying a soap full of sand would make me a happy camper, but I guess 2 years ago I did not think before I bought soap (lets be honest, I still usually don’t). Also, I’ve had this soap for two years, before I tried it; sheesh, self. It makes me very glad that I’m not buying soap until I’ve worked through what I’ve got; there’s some super old soap in my cabinet, just waiting to be used. But this one!

Rosemary and mint sounds amazing. It sounds refreshing and bright and fun, but sand drags me down. I would say that is what has kept me from trying it for so long, but it’s been wrapped in the tissue paper I bought it in, so I couldn’t see the name. It just wasn’t a priority. But now I’ve tried it, and I feel a couple ways about it.

The soft side is pretty darn soft. There is a little bit of sand in it, but it doesn’t feel like it’s grinding away at my flesh, but instead like a moderate exfoliator. I like that in a soap; I have scar tissue that I’m trying to buff out with exfoliation, and I’m prone to ingrown hairs. I need some exfoliation in my life.

On the other side is almost exclusively sand. I am not a big fan of this side; it’s grinding and a bit painful to rub on. The only reason I use that side is because I am worried about getting through the soft side and having the sand just break apart and cover my shower floor. No thank you. So I use it on my hands, thighs, and any super rough patches in my skin.

Since there is a soft side, I use that for most of my body. While I wish the rosemary wasn’t so prominent, I really enjoy the soft side. It’s a nice scent, a good amount of exfoliant, and just an enjoyable piece of soap. It looks like to creators of the soap also realized that the sand was a bit much, as this item is not available in their online store. But they do have a rosemary mint shampoo bar, and I bet that is delectable.

A big issue that I have with this was that it lasted about 2 weeks. I know a lot of that is due to the sand, and the nature of handmade soap, but it’s a bit frustrating. I ended up tossing it (probably) a bit early because I was worried that I would go to use it and it would just crumple in may hand because it was exclusively sand. It was rough on my tub and our drain as well.

I bought this bar of soap while visiting relatives in Vermont, but you can check out their shop online here. It seems like a rad, independent group, and everything is handmade, which I love. They have a pretty good variety of bars, so if you end up ordering something, let me know how it goes!











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