Alien: Covenant

Fangirls, I’ve done it. I’ve made it through the entire Alien series and loved (almost) every minute of it! I came into this series worried that it would cause nightmares and make me fear my mum (surprise, she looks EXACTLY like Ripley), but oh my goodness did I have a blast watching these. We watched Aliens 3 through Covenant this weekend, and I honestly went into Covenant thinking I would like it. I thought that since I didn’t hate 3 or Prometheus (which I was told that I would), that Covenant wouldn’t be that bad.

There are spoilers ahead, so be careful. 

I was wrong.

Not about the spoilers, but about Covenant. I expected there to be tons of Aliens, messing dudes up all over the place, because the poster shows (what looks like) many Aliens. Instead, I gained a healthy understanding of a dislike of androids, and left the theatre disappointed.

Covenant takes place 10 years after Prometheus, and less that 20 years before the first Alien movie. In it, a crew of 15 are jolted out of cryo-sleep, and decide to land on a nearby planet that seems almost too perfect.

While exploring, 2 of the crew members inhale spores that absolutely destroy them, while giving them a lil Alien buddy to birth. Their transport back to the main ship blows up while one of the crew kills one, and the rest of the crew struggles with the other. Their android sacrifices his hand to save a human.

They are soon found by David, the first generation of android, who is one of the Prometheus crew. He has regained a body (thanks, Elizabeth), and has been doing some research. But our crew doesn’t know that yet.

David finds out that the Covenant is above the planet’s atmosphere, with many humans, waiting in cryo-sleep to start a new colony on a new planet.

David’s research has been thorough; he has been growing Aliens in different creatures and studying them. He lures some of the crew members into places where they can be killed by Aliens, and moves on. The rest of the crew is unaware that it is David’s doing, until it is about time to die.

The Aliens are crazy in this one; they grow even faster than before (one had matured to full height in a couple hours, that doesn’t seem right). David realizes the weakness in the other android (Walter) and tries to get him to work with David, but Walter refuses. They fight, and we don’t see who wins.

The surviving crew members reboard the Covenant with Walter (we know because he is missing a hand). There, they fight the second of 2 full grown Aliens, and win (kind of; only 2 crew members are remaining by this point). As our 2 remaining crew members drift off to cryo-sleep, 1 realizes that Walter isn’t on board, it’s David.

The movie ends with David regurgitating some Alien embryos and putting them on ice with the human embryos.

This movie is a dang mess. It was a slasher flick; the suspense was easily broken, jump scares were clearly set up, and it wasn’t great, action wise. I did not see the vast number of Aliens I had anticipated, and I didn’t jump once. Fun Fact; I’m incredibly easy to scare. This movie proves it isn’t great by not being able to scare even me.

That being said; the set was beautiful. There was a lot of the feeling from Alien in the interior ship design, and the exterior set was truly gorgeous. But I really wasn’t there for a pretty set; I came for face huggers and chest bursters.

I had fun watching Prometheus. Obviously it didn’t compare to Alien, but it was still fun. Covenant, however, dragged and bored me. See if it comes out on Netflix, and if it’s free, maybe watch it then, but don’t ever make this a priority.











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