American Gods Episode 4

I’m so excited for this week’s episode. Why? Because it’s all new territory. After last week’s surprise of Laura being dead but not dead, tonight is all about Laura. We are getting all new story never before told in the books. I love it.

american gods tv 1

We meet Laura as a single, lonely girl. She works at a casino as a blackjack dealer, but the casino begins to make her job more obsolete. One night, a man walks in, one we know as Shadow Moon. He sits at her table and she catches him trying to rob the casino. She warns him not to do it, that he’d get caught and sent to prison.

After her shift, Shadow approaches her and tries to get her to be his partner in crime. Instead, they go to her place, make love, and in the morning he’s still there, waiting for her. He teaches her slight of hand tricks with cards, and the romance begins.

One day, they discuss the afterlife. Shadow reveals that his mom believed in something and so he sort of does. But Laura believes in one thing – when you die you rot. And her beliefs are told over scenes of their wedding, what’s meant to be the happiest day.

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After the wedding, Laura seems disenchanted with life once more. Shadow is over the moon (no pun intended, I’m so sorry) with his life and love. But not Laura. One morning, she decides that she finally wants to rob the casino with him. He knows it’s because she’s unhappy, and she resents that she isn’t happy. They discuss the merits and downsides of robbing the casino. She assures him he’ll never get caught, but we know he does.

She wants to go to prison with him, but he won’t hear it. He won’t let her go to prison for him or with him, no matter how little time he’d get. He knows he’ll get six years but be out in three. And he begs her to wait, to survive it. Because he can knowing she’s waiting for him.

She tries to. But her breaking point comes when her cat dies. She calls Robbie, the neighbor and her best friend’s husband, to come bury him. And so the affair begins. I’d like to point out that at one point when Robbie comes over we see him show up from the perspective of a raven watching from a street light. I see what you did there Bryan Fuller and Michael Green and Neil Gaiman. I. See. That.

We make it to Shadow’s last night in prison. Laura is preparing for a welcome home party for Shadow. At this moment, they believe he still has five days in prison. As she speaks to Shadow, Robbie is bed waiting for her.

As they go on that fateful final drive, TWO ravens fly over head. Damn it Fuller and Green and Gaiman. DAMN IT. I SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND I LOVE IT.

Anyway, Laura tells Robbie that it’s finally over between them even as he says he’ll leave his wife for her. She tells him never to do that, that to remember this as a little fun. The crash happens. And Laura’s soul watches from above the scene. She turns to see a certain Mr. Jacquel waiting for her. He says that he was called by the circumstances of her death (I DON’T KNOW, MAYBE IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THOSE TWO RAVENS *side eyes Fuller and Green and Gaiman*). He tries to take her heart, but she already knows it won’t pass and won’t let him take it. She tells him she wants to go back to Earth, and as he speaks to her telling her she cannot do that she is ripped away from him and back into her decomposing body. She crawls out of her grave and begins the search for Shadow. She sees an odd pulsing light and follows it.

We discover that she was the one to save Shadow from the lynch mob. That she sees him as a beacon of pulsing light. And she murders the shit out of those who tried to kill her husband.

She goes back to her house to clean up from the fight, and it turns out she was there the day Shadow came to clean the house up. I gotta say, the effects for how she sees Shadow are beautiful. Somehow, Laura ends up in Audrey’s (Robbie’s wife) house and Audrey naturally freaks. She asks Audrey if Robbie is alive, which he is not because he did not get a magic coin. Audrey and Laura have a heart to heart (side note, I am loving Audrey she is fabulous) where they clear the air. Audrey drives Laura to Shadow (who’s the light of her life, quite literally) and almost run over Jacquel and Ibis who have been looking for Laura. They take over caring for her from Audrey (who I’m sure is relieved to no longer be looking after her zombie former best friend) and make her look more alive for her reunion with Shadow.

american gods tv 9

This is amazing, this insight into the life and death and sort of life of Laura Moon has been a trip and I love it. I love that Neil Gaiman is working on the show and giving them things he wrote but couldn’t fit into the book but that he can now show us. This episode has been one of the best so far. And even though I think that every week, this one particularly is important because it’s all new information. None of this was in the book. But now we finally get it. We get to learn about Laura (and eventually Mad Sweeney because I was promised a lot more Mad Sweeney) and it’s fascinating and incredible. This might be my favorite episode so far.











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