American Gods Episode 5

This week was…..odd, shall we say. Now, I know, a show about old gods vs new gods is expected to be odd. But this one was an odd and fun mix of original and new material. We met a new and important character, we got a meeting between two characters who were underused in the books, and a speech about salsa.

american gods tv 1

Shadow and his wife have their inevitable reunion, and even though Laura thinks Shadow should be more interested in how she’s not in her grave than her affair with Robbie, he informs her that her return is par for the course of the week he’s having. She tries to convince him it was nothing, that she knows now that she’s died that she has always loved him, he remains unconvinced.

This scene is important to their relationship, but there are two little details outside of their conversation that is important. One is the man waiting in the car. We’ll get back to him. The other is the raven who is watching and who goes to Mr. Wednesday to inform him of what’s happening. Wednesday goes to Shadow to take him out, but before they can go anywhere they are arrested for the bank robbery a few episodes ago.

Both men are questioned separately before being brought together. Wednesday has a little spider undo his cuffs, but before Shadow is freed he demands to know who is after Wednesday. And in walks the new gods.

But first, a meeting. Mad Sweeney finds his coin and confronts Laura Moon, who holds the coin by her heart. Laura kicks Mad Sweeney’s ass and asks about the man Shadow is working for. Sweeney reveals Wednesday’s true identity to her (Grimnir, Sweeney calls him) before telling her that eventually her skin will fall off and when it does he’ll reach into her ribs and get his coin back. And he tries to force her skin off by “drowning” her in hot water. Unluckily for Sweeney, police burst in and believe he has just killed Laura, who plays dead well. Sweeney is arrested and taken away, and Laura escapes from another morgue to find her light again.

american gods tv 10

Media enters as Marilyn Monroe before her boss, Mr. World (played by Crispin Glover), enters. He offers a truce to Wednesday, a rebranding of sorts. If they work together, Mr. World can ensure that the name Odin is known once more around the world. Wednesday refuses, despite the incredible speech given by Mr. World, and the new gods leave in peace.


Technical Boy from episode 1 is there and he doesn’t understand why Mr. World is just letting Wednesday live when he’s captured right there. Mr. World sites respect for the old gods as the reason, but Technical Boy doesn’t buy it. Media knocks his front teeth out, literally, and the new gods leave.

american gods tv 11

But Wednesday and Shadow aren’t free yet. They have to escape the thing in the wooden desk in the precinct. I’ll admit it, I’m lost. Somehow, there was an eyeball in a wooden desk and then a tree began to grow and attack. It tried to grab Shadow but naturally Shadow escapes with Wednesday. Oh, and Mad Sweeney doesn’t stay arrested, he escapes as well.

Next week, we get even more new material as we meet the god created for the show who was never in the books. Vulcan, god of weapons. I must admit, I love these added moments. Probably because Neil Gaiman is directly involved in them rather than the creators just saying “Let’s add this in for no reason.” Everything added so far has a reason, and has a basis in Neil Gaiman himself.











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