We’re Back

*Insert entire movie about dinosaurs here*

Hello Fangirls I am back and ready to go. I spent most of this past week working on fundraising and setting up raffles with a few rad companies, and that’s incredibly exciting. Funds got to 1/3 of my goal this past month and that is beyond fantastic (guys we raised $800, great job)!

Training has been slower than usual this week; I haven’t been feeling 100% so I haven’t run since Saturday. It’s killing me a bit, but I have been going nuts on a desk bike that my friend brought to me last week. Yesterday I logged about 60 miles on it. Tomorrow I’ll see if the endurance training is paying off.

It was nice to have a week of not worrying about what to write. I read a couple books (and reviewed and queued them), continued vacation prep, and baked 2 batches of brownies (look for the recipe next week). Fundraising and training are still a huge priority for me; I’m trying really hard to hit the half-way point to my goal this month (that means raising about $400).

The first raffle is going on now, and I’m working with SheVibe (a company full of folks who use their vibrators responsibly), and we are raffling off one of their NSFW coloring books! Whoever wins will get to pick one of five awesome and incredibly unsafe for work coloring books. You can check out the book options here, and donate here (image above details rules for giveaway).

Thank you to everyone who has already donated and shared, and shout-out to everyone thinking of donating (do it, it’s a fantastic cause and I will be eternally grateful)! I’m glad y’all are along for this journey with me!











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