Knixwear’s Evolution Bra

I struggle finding comfortable bras that do not hurt my back all too often. I’ve been told countless times that it is in part because I haven’t properly sized myself, which is definitely a possibility. But I had an advertisement the other day for Knixwear and their incredible, Evolution Bra. I read some reviews (almost entirely positive), sized myself, and placed an order for a reversible nude and black bra.

I was really excited about this, because I love new bras. They fit very differently from old bras, and I was hopeful that this would give me the comfort and support I needed. Plus they said it’s also a sport bra, and I wanted to see if that would work with my chest.

When I first got my Knixwear bra in the mail, my first thought was, this isn’t going to fit. I wasn’t necessarily right, it just fits very differently from how my other bras fit; sports bras included. It fits like a training bra in that it’s cup-less and soft on your body, but it actually supports my chest. According to Victoria’s Secret, I’m a DD. Seeing this seemingly flimsy little bit of fabric that was supposed to hold my chest in place was downright funny, but when I put it on, it fit.

Top: my normal, underwire & padded bra.
Bottom: my knitwear bra.

This is a comfortable bra. I wore it with button downs especially, because it has a shrinking affect, and made my breasts feel less obtrusive. That made button down shirts lack the struggle-gap between buttons that happens to women everywhere. I tested it a bit as a sports bra; running and stairs are not friends of the Evolution bra, but yoga and cycling are. I kept my evolution bra on from work to yoga, back to work, and through and hour long sit on our indoor bike. It didn’t feel sweaty or gross in any way when I took it off; I actually considered wearing it the next day as well.

Top: my normal, underwire & padded bra.
Bottom: my knitwear bra.

It’s comfortable; I do enjoy the Evolution Bra. I love that it is sweat wicking and reversible, and that it comes with extra straps. All truly wonderful things. I don’t like the miracle bra claims that are made about it; maybe if my breasts were smaller it would feel like a miracle bra to me, but it doesn’t. The lack of underwire is incredible, and though it presses my breasts down, it doesn’t hurt.

I think the Evolution Bra is a great invention. Knixwear has crafted a bra that can be incredibly helpful to the woman on the go, especially on yoga days. While it isn’t a bra that I will toss all of my others out for, I did get rid of one for it. So, good job, Knixwear. You’ve crafted a bra that is comfortable and secure without suffocating my breasts.

You can grab your own Knixwear Evolution Bra here.











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