Last Man: The Rescue

I wish I had ordered and read this as soon as I finished book 5 because wow this book has more twists than I anticipated. On the other hand, I’m so glad that I took my time getting to it because I sped through this last night, and I think that this may be the final installment. I’m going to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but obviously there will be spoilers everywhere. So strap in, Fangirls, it’s a bumpy ride.

Like with all of the other books, this starts immediately after 5. Tomie, Adrian, and Marianne have been captured by the evil cult, and H, Richard, Verkaik, and Cristo are on their way to save them. But of course the cult has some warriors waiting.

Verkaik stays outside with the boat while the other 3 break in. They’re powering through dudes, until a man who has been modified into the Oak Knight of legend shows up. The Oak Knight can not be harmed, so they distract him and keep moving.

Duke Diamonds remembering his final night in the ring.

They run into Duke Diamonds again, and fight, but this time he chooses to step aside; he remembers that Richard (who used to be his partner in the ring) worked so hard to get Duke off of drugs. The only reason Richard attacked Duke was because he found out he was using again. Duke tells them where they can find Adrian, and lets them through.

The group finds Tomie’s casket first; they’re in what seems to be a morgue with a technician, but Tomie’s casket is empty. They find out that she has been brought back to life, and are told where she is. Once they have her, however, a man who is modified as the legendary Lava and Fire Knight comes after them. Luckily, Duke is nearby and sacrifices himself so that they can go get Adrian and Marianne.

They save Adrian first. With an exhausted Tomie slung over his shoulder, Richard and the group grab Adrian and get him too hide with Tomie while the cult leader tries to pull Marianne out. The Oak Knight is with them, so the stand made by our heroes seems fruitless, until Adrian can’t hide any longer. Defending his mother, he punches through the indestructible Oak Knight’s chest, cleaving him in half. Together, our group goes back to the boat, and back to their city.

Richard is joining Marianne and Adrian, in both their travels back to the Valley of Kings and in life. They road trip back, but are decidedly unwelcome. This part wrecked me. We’ve followed our heroes for these 6 books, and they’re doing so incredibly well and then…this ending. There is a final bit of plot that I will leave unsaid; I believe that this is the final book and I wholeheartedly feel like this is a series that everyone should read. It is not an all ages comic, but it’s an incredible story, and I need someone that I can talk to about it.

I can not recommend this series enough. It’s masterful; these folks have created a story with love and violence and magic and heroism. It legitimately feels too good to be true. So please, grab yourself a copy of Last Man, and when you do so, make sure you get all 6 issues because you’re going to need to see how this ends.











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