The Dark Side of Disney by Leonard Kinsey

I added this book to my Amazon list ages ago and never got around to reading it because there always seemed to be more appealing books to read. But the other day, while ordering a bunch of stuff for my upcoming trip to Ireland, I threw it in the cart just because. Since it’s relatively short and I’ve been waiting for ages to read it, I grabbed that first, and dove right in.

I expected this to shock me a lot more than it did. It’s supposed to be the rebellious way to do Disney; how not to pay for things and get the most bang for your buck. That can be hard in Disney, where everything costs a fortune. But this book kind of explained things I already knew, and many things that I vehemently disagree with (no the dinning plan is not overrated, it saves you a TON of money). But there was some neat information there.

This is not your average guidebook in any sense. It is a hardened view of Disney, and as someone who only started visiting 5 years ago, I find a lot of it difficult to justify. I (personally) don’t need to find the best places to have sex or score/use drugs on property; I go for the feeling. A lot of the sex chapter was objectifying women (photos with the caption “hot girl at______”) and that made the book less fun and more frustrating for me.

I do not have the same relationship with Disney that Annual Passholders have. Heck, I don’t feel the same way about it as many of current Cast Members do, but that’s ok. The book really pushed the idea of not endorsing public sex, endangering kids, or breaking into the parks. But it still wasn’t the best book.

I’ll be sending this book to my Ohana, because I think they will have similar feelings about it. It’s silly but unrealistic, and it features many things that I don’t need for my Disney vacation.











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