Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems Volume 1

I haven’t been reading a ton of comics, as of late. I’ve made it through almost the entirety of Rob’s and my collections (at least the parts that interest me) and we hadn’t been to a comic shop in ages. Until this past weekend, when we finally had some time to go grab some trades for me. I was hoping to get a pretty good smattering of types of comics, especially the next trade in the Steven Universe comic I had been reading. Instead, I found that there is a different SU comic that seems to have a more focused storyline than the previous one, and that got me so excited.

This trade has a full storyline of Steven and the Crystal Gems going camping. While on his own and looking for firewood, Steven finds some glass on the ground. He says he’ll as Garnet to pick it up when he gets back, but something distracts him, so he forgets. But at night, when they’re sharing spooky stories, Pearl shares the story of a glass ghost who acted like a gem. Steven gets nervous about the glass he found, but goes to sleep.

Back in Beach City, Steven approaches Ronaldo about the idea of ghosts, and the two of them go out in search of it. Ronaldo becomes trapped in glass by the ghost, and soon after, as Steven searches BC for the ghost, he finds many of the inhabitants also encased in glass.

Steven gathers the Crystal Gems and they go to find and fight the glass ghost, but none of their weapons seem to work on it, except Steven’s bubble. After the glass ghost has coated all the CGs, Steven bubbles himself for safety, and the ghost hugs the bubble, tighter and tighter, until it bursts! The burst destroys the physical form of the ghost, which gets rid of the glass around everyone in Beach City. Steven bubbles the glass from the ghost’s “gem,” and the comic ends.

I gobbled this comic up; it was so fun and incredibly Steven. Steven Universe is one of my favorite ways to feel better when I am down, and getting to experience a new storyline was really exciting. I hope Jasper will be a part of a storyline at some point! If you see this comic in your LCS or at the library, I highly recommend you check it out. Steven Universe is an awesome show and the comics I’ve read from it are phenomenal as well.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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