Wonder Woman

I’m a week late to seeing this movie, but I feel like I’ll make up for it by seeing it a thousand more times. It’s the super hero movie I’ve been waiting for. Yes, I am normally and always will be a Marvel girl. Yes, I wish and hope and pray that Marvel figures it out and gives more than just Captain Marvel her own movie (don’t get me wrong I am super excited for some Carol Danvers). And yes, I was worried about Wonder Woman given DC’s track record. But I needn’t have been, because she is the hero we deserve and the hero we need.

wonder woman

There will be spoilers but I won’t go too much into the plot. It’s the origin story of Diana, Princess of Themyscaria and how she decides to become a protector of the people. And it’s a damn good origin story, taking place during the War that was meant to end all Wars, WWI. No, I want to talk about everything else.

First, the casting. Gal Gadot is one of the most beautiful and powerful women ever. She plays a Goddess in Diana but she could literally be a Goddess. And she had excellent chemistry with the other actors. Not just Chris Pine, who was stunning as Steve Trevor. But also with his crew of soldiers, a small band though they were. They were a great team who the audience connects with so well that by the end you’re worried if they all made it out alive. A fabulous cast all around.

Second, the scenery. Oh my goodness, wherever they filmed Themyscaria is gorgeous and I want to live there right now and be trained to fight by Robin Wright. It looked just like paradise, especially when contrasted so well by the dark grey drabness of the world during the war. The sets were beautifully made and the contrasting nature of Diana’s two worlds, and them coming together in end, was wonderfully done.

Third, the filming. I’d like to give every award to Patty Jenkins for truly making the best and the right superhero. Never in the film is there a glamour shot of any of the Amazons. They’re only shown as badass warriors who are also gorgeous women. Never is any woman in the film sexualized or ogled over or anything like that. The woman are allowed to be just that – women. They aren’t all skinny, they don’t all have one hair color or skin color or anything the same. They’re each unique. So thank you Patty Jenkins.

This movie was a great action film starring a true Goddess. I’ll definitely be seeing it again.











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