Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

This book had been sitting waiting for me to read it for a while now. And I’m happy to say that I spent a beautiful day relaxing outside reading just about the last half of the book. And boy do I wish there was more.


Neverwhere is Neil Gaiman’s first solo novel published. It’s about a city underneath London called London Below, where those who fall through the cracks end up. Richard Mayhew did not fall through the cracks; rather he was chosen to help Door, a young woman whose family was murdered. She needs to survive to find out why, and Richard becomes an (at first) unwitting companion on her journey.

Neverwhere is filled with delightful characters such as the Rat Speakers and Old Bailey (who prefers rooftops to the underground), truly terrifying characters like Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemeer, and characters you’re not quite sure of such as the Marquis de Carabas or Islington the angel. It uses real places in London as inspiration for places and people of London Below. It just feels like a truly lovely world, despite some of the dark dangers that inhabit it.

This novel was fun to read. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it or like I needed to pause to follow what was happening. It was a fun adventure and when it was over, I wished it could never end.

Luckily, Neil Gaiman has announced he’s working on a sequel. Though the sequel seems to focus on a group of characters we were briefly introduced to, and it’s unknown if the characters I loved in Neverwhere will return, I definitely look forward to this eventual sequel.

If you want a fun read this summer, I highly recommend Neverwhere. It’s a world both familiar and like nothing you’ve experienced.











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