Fangirls, I’ve been lusting after Candelles Candles for quite some time now. I have followed their Instagram for 2 years, I think, and every time I’ve gone to make a purchase I’ve either shot myself down because of money or because of my disgustingly large candle collection. But recently, I decided that I should just go for it, and I ordered 2 from the Spring line. I wish I hadn’t used them so intensely in succession, but it was well worth it!

These are the folks responsible for Candelles!

The first candle I knew I was going to order was the Mint & Nectarine scent; mint is the best, so of course I had to go for that. The smell well exceeded my expectations; it was sweet without being sickening or overwhelming.

The other candle that I ordered was Kiwi & Lemongrass. I knew this would be sweet as well, but was a bit unsure. Again, I was blown away. It was tasty smelling, and almost makes me want to make a smoothie.

Both candles were fantastic, and burned for quite some time! I almost always had them burning while home (except during sleep, of course), and they each lasted over 2 weeks. I burned them all the way down until there was hardly any wax left because I could not get enough of the beautiful scents.

While I still have quite a few candles to work through, I will be returning to Candelles shop as soon as my collection starts to dwindle. The shipment was fast and the candles were well packed; there was no way those guys were going to break. So thanks, Candelles! If you want to check out their site, you can (and should) do that here!
























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