Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick

We are making our way, slowly but surely, through a ton of movies I “should” have seen when I was younger. So far it has been a lot of action movies (the Alien movies, Predator, Indiana Jones, etc), and one that I was told was a must see was Bladerunner. But I was told that it’s a long slough through Bladerunner, and it makes for a long weekend because it’s so heavy. I was also told that the book it is (loosely) based on is fantastic. So I decided to read Philip K Dick’s book, which has a mildly similar plot to Bladerunner (which we’re watching this weekend).

This book was incredible. It didn’t take me nearly long enough to read, which was a giant bummer, but I definitely enjoyed every minute of reading it. To put it briefly, DADoES is about a robot hunter.

That’s an understatement to the max, Fangirls. DADoES is a book about Deckard, an android bounty hunter. Set in the now not too distant future, most humans have left earth to live on mars with their android slaves. Every now and then, however, an android goes rogue, kills its owners, and migrates back to earth. That’s where Deckard comes in. He has to retire androids that killed their owners.

But unlike the robots we see in Kimmy Schmidt and the current androids in the real world, these future androids look and act like humans. The biggest difference is a lack of empathy. Deckard’s job is to test for empathy and retire those who are on his list and fail.

In the book, Deckard has several androids that he has to retire, and reading about his struggle as someone who isn’t supposed to care about these mechanical humans is really interesting. The book is relatively short, and though the story takes a minute to get going, it’s fantastic. It is bizarre to be reading a book that takes place in the next couple of years, and a little bit mind blowing. While I don’t see the world being quite so desolate in 2019, we don’t know.

I think this book is phenomenal. It has a dystopian future, robots, and a badass dude; I love it. I enjoyed reading this, but it definitely is a downer. This book doesn’t seem to start or end “happily,” per se, but there are positive moments that make it relatable and realistic. If you have a chance, I highly recommend checking out Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.











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