Lively Bralettes

Fangirls, I’m a bit on the busty side, and that mean bralettes and I are not friends. I want to be, because they’re so comfy and cute, but I rarely can. I have one from Victoria’s Secret that my breasts just fall out of and it ends up awkward as heck. When I heard that Lively advertises to busty women, I was intrigued but nervous; would these be a repeat of the VS nonsense, or would they actually work?

I’m not going to suggest you go running, or do stairs at high speeds, but these bralettes do work. I bought the 2 pictured above; a basic grey athletic looking one, and a cute patterned one to wear under white shirts when I’m feeling strong.

I wear the grey one all the time. I come home from working out & may still have to go to target, or do laundry, so I don’t want to be 100% free, but I don’t want to stay in my sweaty sports bra prison. So I put on my bralette and go about business as usual. The patterned one is a bit more supportive and cute; I wore it out to dinner with a friend, under a white shirt, and didn’t feel totally cruddy about my decision.

Bralettes are confusing and intimidating. Some have hooks (the patterned one), while others are just simple elastic (the grey one). Lively has a large selection, and from what I’ve felt and seen, it’s good stuff.

So if you have a chance, check out Lively. They are reasonably priced, comfortable bralettes, and I will be ordering myself some more soonish. Also, since they’re so small, they will probably be what I pack on my trips for morning & travel bras. I think I could sleep in a plane in these; I’ve fallen asleep in a recliner in it! Like always, be realistic when ordering your bra; size your breasts the way the site says to, and try them on before taking off your tags, just in case.











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