Baby Driver

Guys we saw Baby Dricer this past weekend and it was PHENOMENAL! We had a blast watching it, and then re-listening to the soundtrack at work yesterday was fantastic. So let’s jump right in!

Baby Driver stars Ansel Elgort as Baby, the driver for a crime boss (Kevin Spacey). Baby is the best driver in the business, because he’s been working for the crime boss for years; he owes him, because Baby stole the boss’s car. Instead of reporting him, boss man decided that Baby wasn’t someone he wanted to lose.

Baby finishes his last necessary run, with some folks he doesn’t get along with. After watching a car (along with the body of one of the sloppier folks he worked with) get destroyed, Baby hangs up his gloves. He’s done.

Or so he thinks. The boss isn’t losing the best driver, and tells Baby as much after paying for a meal for Baby and his girlfriend. The action that follows (aka the entire second half of the movie) is beyond incredible. But I won’t be giving that away.

Baby Driver had some serious predictability to it, but was overall incredible. It had a lot of the car tricks that Fast & Furious movies have, but with a plot that isn’t just cult-worthy. We had so much fun watching it, and the couple twists we didn’t expect blew us out of our seats.

To say that Baby Driver is just fun is borderline insulting. I was in love with it, from the opening credits (which includes hidden text from the song Baby is listening to), all the way through the ending credits. It’s fantastic, and I loved every moment. This movie is also incredible because through it, we hear a lot of what Baby hears, which is the music he always has on. Conversations almost come second, and that is a rad move.

Phenomenal job to everyone who made Baby Driver happen; I can’t wait to see it again!

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