Zodiac Starforce: Cries of the Fire Prince #1

I know it’s food review time. I even made falafel that’s super tasty to share with you this weekend. But the first issue of the second ZS storyline came out yesterday, and the falafel will just have to wait. Friends, I love Zodiac Starforce. The characters got so much wonderful treatment in the first storyline, and now we have the incredible pleasure of joining them once again.

This. Freaking. Panel.

The issue starts with someone going through some chaotic memories, and an occurrence that seems oddly similar to what our girls fought off in the first story, but this is seven months ago in London. But now, in La Reina, Virginia, the gals are all over the place; training, practicing wrestling, breaking up with boyfriends, and feeding turtles. Things seem relatively normal until Kim and her boyfriend see some monsters making their way downtown. Kim tells Josh to be safe, and gives chase.

This is not a drill; Kim & Josh have patches for each other. NOT. A. DRILL.

After convincing Savi to put feeding her turtle on hold, the gang meets up downtown to fight some monsters. Molly kicks them in front of a bus, and the splatter.

Boy, bye.

Throughout the issue, some dark scenes have been happening. Alice Waters is causing some serious trouble, and she may have something to do with the monsters. But she definitely has something to do with summoning, as we see someone blue and cut as heck appear at her altar as the issue ends.

Watch out for Alice.

This comic is just so good. So. Good. I read the whole thing with my mouth hanging open because I love these girls and I love the creators of the series. This is a fantastic book, made by incredible people. You need to get yourself a copy of Cries of the Fire Prince #1 before they disappear, because this is a comic you need to read.















All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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