Keep Beach City Weird (You Can’t Hide the Truth) by Ronaldo Fryman with assistance from Matt Burnett & Ben Levin

I bought this book for myself because it looked like a great Steven Universe addition. I have a huge love of Steven; it’s a show that promotes diversity and love and I can not get enough of it. Incidentally, my boyfriend also loves SU, and thought this book would be fun as well, so now we have 2 copies of it. Nice.

This is a book written from Ronaldo Fryman’s perspective. I imagine it reads a lot like his blog (Keep Beach City Weird), and that was definitely a big factor in ordering it. If you’ve seen SU, you know that Ronaldo is a conspiracy fanatic, and it’s fantastic. Since a ton of crazy stuff happens in Beach City, Ronaldo is all over it for his blog and this book. He has some theories that are a bit too far fetched, but also some impressive ones (rock people instead of Gems, but still, good job)!

This book takes readers to Beach City in a way we haven’t experienced before, and that is through the eyes of someone who doesn’t know what’s happening all of the time. With the show and the comics, we see things from Steven’s point of view; the Gems can explain as much of what’s happening to us, and then we watch it get sorted. Ronaldo just sees part of what’s happening (i.e. a giant hand pointing at earth) and does his best to determine what the heck that means. It’s a very unique take on it.

I really had a blast reading this. It’s a short book, definitely not a long trip companion, but a fun trip anyways. If you have ever watched Steven Universe, or even just have interest in the show, this may be the way to check it out. I’d love to hear how Ronaldo’s writing has influenced your thoughts on SU.

I think this is a great book for everyone. It’s fun and unique, and it’s just a fantastic read. Happy reading!

























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