I have seen ads all over my social media for MeUndies. I also have a friend who is ready to exclusively use MeUndies. So I finally ordered myself a 3 pack, and I’m so excited about them.

Just taking them out of their cute package I knew I would love them, from the bright colors alone. But once I touched them I was astounded.

These are some super cute and heckin’ soft undies, let me tell you. They are so soft and comfy I was blown away. I was a bit concerned that my legs were maybe too chubby for the boy short leg holes, but after 10 minutes they fit super well and I had the best day.

They are comfy and great. I can’t get over how rad they are. Also, they are breathable and good for reducing buttstank over time. They’ve got rad fabric, that through SCIENCE help keep things from getting too stinky. I love it.

These Undies are rad. I think everyone would love them so much. I can’t get over how comfy they are, and I know they are a little bit expensive but totally worth it. I will be wearing my pairs as much as possible, and I suggest you get yourself a pair or two as well to celebrate the comfort. You can check out their awesome designs and sweet styles here!










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