Rick & Morty Volume 3

Rick & Morty is a hilarious show about a drunk old scientist, and his nervous grandson. Creators like Tom Fowler, CJ Cannon, Ryan Hill, Crank!, Pamela Ribon, and Marc Ellerby have come together to transfer this vile and hilarious adult swim cartoon into this, the third volume of a comic. Oni Press puts out this gross creation, and much like the first two volumes, I loved every minute of it.

Volume three focuses on brain hopping. The book starts with Morty’s parents finding Rick’s severed head on a tiny body, and they proceed to lose their minds. Clearly Rick did something stupid and Morty is also wrecked from it. They assume death, and hold a funeral, like most families would.

Meanwhile, Rick and Morty are actually inside of that (severed) Rick’s brain, fighting off a massive war. These giant, beetle-like creatures are following a special path of destruction (spoiler alert, it’s coming from a toaster Rick made) because they wish to worship it.

When Rick eventually refuses to be the false god these aliens so clearly crave, they turn instead to Morty. He becomes their leader, Rick disappears, and the entire family (who now understands the situation as much as one can) is living in this weird as heck situation.

Obviously, Rick won’t stand for this nonsense, but I don’t want to tell you everything that happens. I genuinely think this is a comic you should read for yourself. It’s hilarious and gross, and definitely not for all ages, but is 100% a great time. I think all those of consenting age would have fun reading this comic. Plus the writers really get Rick’s drunkenness across through written word, and it’s almost exactly like watching the show.

Read this gross thing; you’ll love it.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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