Earth Bomb by da Bomb Bath Fizzers

Writing the name of this bath bomb now, I see that the creators have made a grave mistake. Calling. It an Earth Bomb is possibly not the best decision, but I was drawn in by the cute green, blue, and white swirls that make this bath bomb look like our planet (and the surprise inside).

I was at Target (like always) and in the beauty section, this bath bomb caught my eye. These inexpensive little beauties are at Target, and they’re rad as heck! I’ve been trying to stay away from buying more bath products (I have too many), but I couldn’t help but grab one of these cuties, and I’m glad I did!

This bath bomb, while poorly named, gave me a great bath. I felt comfortable and relaxed in it, and felt good when I got out. It smelled absolutely lovely; not over powering but calming as heck. Also there was a surprise inside: a tiny whale friend!

This bath bomb was exactly what I needed last week, and I’m so glad that a place like Target sells such a great, fun, inexpensive bath bomb! I know shopping at LUSH makes me expect everything to be far more expensive (they pay fair wages and use all fresh ingredients, I’m not complaining about their prices), but this was a bit less for just as great of a time. I definitely recommend checking out da Bomb Bath Fizzers if you get a chance; either through Target or through their own website!










All images and whales are copyright of their respective owners.

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