She Persisted written by Chelsea Clinton & illustrated by Andrea Boiger

I bought this book for my two year old cousin the other day. He is not the target audience, but I was excited to find a book that was aimed at little ones with some incredibly important ladies in it.

She Persisted is an illustrated children’s book that features 13 women from American History who kicked a lot of butt. These women have shaped our country and done the unthinkable, in society’s eyes.

Each woman gets a splash (two pages, facing each other) with a beautiful portrait, their story, and a quote. It’s incredible.

I am so glad that this book exists. It is written with young girls in mind, but I gave it to my young, male cousin (and his parents) because my aunt is a very strong woman, and they are aware of the importance of strong women everywhere.

I really enjoyed reading this. I know it this is brief, but so is the book. I bought my copy at Target, and you can get it there or on Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. I highly recommend this for you and any little ones in your life; the paper (instead of cardboard) pages make it clear that this book isn’t for the incredibly young (5-6, probably) but that doesn’t mean we can’t read books about important ladies to our small friends. They need to know what everyone is capable of.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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