Ex Officio Travelers Undies

I heard about these travelers undies while listening to travel blogs at work one day. Since my mum and I are preparing for a week-long trip to the UK with just our carry-on luggage, I’m looking for as many ways as possible to make my pack lighter (more space=more room for souvenirs). One of the blogs I was listening to brought Ex Officio up; apparently their underwear is some of the best in travel for men and women, so I figured I would try it out!

I ordered two pair of the Give-N-Go Brief because if they’re as easy to hand wash (and dry as quickly) as the claims say, two is all that I’ll need. Then I can bring 3 pairs of underwear; alternate the Ex Officio undies and washing them (they’re supposed to dry quickly so they’ll be ready for the next wear in less than 24 hours) and then have a back up pair. The back up pair will probably be saved for the flight home, because I won’t be washing my Ex Officios and then packing wet undies.

When I first took them out of their packaging, I was a bit nervous. These are (basically) double layer mesh undies. I was immediately nervous that they were see-through, and that they wouldn’t feel nice. Luckily, I was incorrect on both accounts! You can see through the undies a bit when a light is shone through them, but that is not something that is going to be happening (also, that is how almost all undies act in super direct light). And they are so soft. Often, performance wear doesn’t feel great. Sure, we love our yoga pants, but most running shorts aren’t that soft. But Ex Officio is!

On my first day with Ex Officio, I found out a couple things. First, pantyliners will not stick to them. If you are on your period while traveling, these may not be for you. I usually don’t fuss with pantyliners, so this wasn’t a real issue for me, but I wanted to let all the ladies out there know. Second, they are ok to work out in. Most underwear is not great for women to work out in; it can trap heat and moisture in high amounts where it doesn’t belong, and that can lead o yeast infections and UTIs. Not something I’m looking for. But the Ex Officio undies are breathable enough for this not to be an issue. I did wear them with running shorts, not tights, so tights may have a different affect.

These undies are crazy easy to wash by hand (wet, suds it up, rinse) and dry so quickly. I honestly didn’t think they would be as great as everything that I’d read, but they’re better. I washed mine at night and they were dry by the time I woke up the next morning. I was floored. I also think, in a pinch, you could wash these, roll them in a towel, stomp on them a bit, and they’d be tolerable enough to wear. Don’t think that’d be the best plan on the daily, but if needed, I think you’d be alright.

Overall, I am loving these undies. They’re relatively cute, lightweight, and comfortable beyond belief. I think that they will make traveling light even easier, and I’m excited to bring them overseas with me! If you want to check ’em out, you can here. Happy travels!











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