Hey Fangirls! I just wanted to drop in and apologize for an overall lac of posting. I’ve been struggling with a series of mental and physical health issues, and those 100% take precedence over writing. I’m working on prioritizing and time management, and finding a good number of weekly articles. I feel like the full 7 is far too many for me alone, so hopefully reducing the number and finding a good schedule will make writing easier and a better quality for all of you to read!

Training has been slowed pretty severely by the sick; I don’t feel behind, though, because I know I was ahead of the curve before I got sick, and I will be able to get back there once I am feeling better. But, in far more positive news, I am 77% of the way to my fundraising commitment of $2,400! I owe a ton of that to my friends at Super Art Fight who did some wild dares for dollars a couple weeks ago.

If you’d like to donate, my link is here. I’m currently doing a raffle with BeNice, and incredible company that donates all but creation costs to various charities, and they donated a sticker set and tote bag to me for a raffle! So all you have to do is donate $10 to my fundraising link (before August 1st), and you’ll be entered!

I’m also selling handmade lavender candles & bath bombs. Shipping is free on all of these items, but the candles are $5 (4oz) and $12 (16oz), and the bath bombs are $5 as well.


Thank you so much in advance to everyone who has donated, and to everyone who has helped in supporting me! Things are a bit slow, but I’m working to feel better and do good for myself and others.

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