Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

I had never played a dating simulator before this one, and I had never dated a dad either. But being a big Game Grumps fan, and loving just how unique this was, I lost myself in DDADDS (DADS) this entire weekend. It’s honestly the only reason I’m glad I was sick. 

This game is a dating simulator, which is a lot more like a choose your own adventure novel than a video game. Like I said, I’ve never played a dating sim before, but I watched Suzy play through one with Arin. Dream Daddy was far more in depth than the one they played; there was resting animation for the characters (blinking, specifically) and they didn’t just slide on and off screen; when Amanda (your daughter) gets exasperated by a dad joke, she collapses into the floor, and her “cut out” looks like it’s being pulled downwards. Plus, when she gets back up, she rises. It seems like a weird thing to harp on, but that small detail makes it feel (slightly) more natural, and shows the effort that this team put into Dream Daddy.

This is your daughter, Amanda. She is perfect and pure and deals with some lame stuff and you’ve gotta be there for her.

When you first open the game, you have to choose your graphics options and they’re rated from Dad to Daddliest. After the game is started, you have to be awoken by Amanda and build your dad (aka who you will be playing as). This part was incredible, because there were no sliders, but a good couple body types, skin colors, and the like. I also really appreciated that your dad could be wearing a binder; I think that was one of many really nice touches they made.

Everyone, meet Charles Fanta.

After you(r dad) are dressed, it’s time to move. You and your daughter Amanda are moving to a different part of town. A part of town, that is, where 7 hot dads (most of them single) are waiting for you to romance them. And while it isn’t always graphic, there is definitely some material not suitable for children.

Charles, you creep.

To romance these various dads, you go on dates with them. On the dates you respond to questions that can make your date laugh, love, or dislike you. That affects a score you get on your date. I got a C once, and it made me realize that that dad wasn’t for me. I was very pleased to find out there wasn’t a jealousy situation built in; on a date with Damien (goth dad), I ran into Robert (punk dad) but it wasn’t bad, or even a big deal.

I had an absolute blast playing through DDADDS; it’s fun and great and you can develop favorite dads early on. There were a couple things that stuck out to me as not the best, and I’ll go into them, but they weren’t big enough problems to make me unhappy in any strong way about the game.

This is the in-between / loading screen. It has numerous different Dad Tips!

While playing, it seems implied that you are a heavier dad. There are a couple moments of “I don’t know if I’ll fit,” and as someone who picked Jacked Dad option, it didn’t make a ton of sense. There was also a lot of struggle at the gym, and I know that there is a difference between perceived and actual fitness, but I like to hope my Jacked Dad can run a little bit with Craig. The other thing that stood out to me was the time I saw Robert while on my date with Damien. When I contacted Robert for our next (and third, might I add) date, in the pre-message thoughts my dad worried that since I hadn’t seen him since date 2, something was amiss. I had seen him since date 2 though, he and a super cute dog hopped through my cemetery date. It only stood out to me because you see Goth Dad before you meet him, and then bring it up to him afterwards. I don’t know why the same couldn’t be done with that moment? Probably because they don’t know if you’ll date Damien and therefore can’t guarantee that you’ll see Robert in between dates.

I almost forgot to mention the mini games! Fangirls, there are mini games! They’re all different styles, and there are different needs for various games. One of them is a brag battle with another dad, and it’s set up like a Pokémon battle, which is awesome. There’s also one where you have to survive a concert rush, and a mini golf one! So many great pieces.

Overall, I absolutely adored playing Dream Daddy. It’s silly and fun, and there are great puns everywhere. It plays uniquely like nothing I’ve played before, and I love that. I think if you’re looking for a fun, weekend game that you can go back into (reload old saves and romance new dads! Build a whole new dad and restart the game!) then you should really check this one out. It’s available for Mac and PC, so everyone can be a dad. I love it, you’ll love it, this game is great. Go grab it on Steam!











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