Glister by Andi Watson

I bought Glister at my favorite bookstore a couple weeks ago because I needed a switch up from the comics I was reading (no offense, Rick & Morty). I knew it would be different, it has a very different look to it than many “mainstream” comics. So I was excited for the change in my routine.

Glister is a girl who odd things happen to. There are four main short stories about her in this book, and each starts with the statement that she is odd, and a reason that could be (she crossed a parade of black cats, her laundry was hung to dry on New Years, etc). I really enjoyed the repetition of that; it reminded me of many books from my childhood where the author would start with a similar line in each book (even as a young adult, the first Dexter books always started with alliteration, reminding readers that this is just another piece of a larger story).

Each of these four stories is a different color, as well. Watson (who wrote and illustrated) uses a single color for each story. I think this is a unique way to signify beginnings and ends, and truly makes for a more interesting read. I don’t need colors to know what the story is, but the tonal range of the red, blue, green, and purple of Glister really gave depth to the art, and made for a more exciting read.

The four stories focus on remarkable things that happen in Glister’s remarkable home. In one, her home is insulted, and just leaves! It travels the world, and when it is finally convinced to come back, it has brought some incredible souvenirs! Each of the stories is wildly fanciful, and I just adore it.

This is an all ages comic about a young girl and her adventures. I think though it is written with young girls in mind, there is enough intrigue and interest to keep readers of all ages truly entertained. Plus, clocking in at about 300 pages, reading Glister is no small feat! Reading a story a day was wonderful for me, and finding out that there are activities to do in the back really hit it home for me.

I had a blast reading Glister, and I can not wait to bake some Glister Biscuits!

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