Filthy Pirate Soap in Spiced Rum Booty

Ya girl has too much soap, Fangirls. Too much soap. So instead of buying new soap (yes I am proud of myself), I’ve been slowly working my way through the obscene amount of soap that I already have. One of such soaps is the Spiced Rum Booty soap.

Not only does this soap have a great name, but it smells absolutely incredible. There is very real cinnamon in the bar, which gives mild exfoliation and fantastic smell. It also smells like actual Rum. It makes the shower smell great when I use it, but doesn’t linger (it would be bad to go into work smelling like Rum).

Another thing that really stood out to me was how long this bar has lasted. I’ve been using it for about two months and only now is it starting to disappear. While I love asking why the Rum is always gone, it’s not a super realistic question with this soap, as it lasts a good amount of time!

This soap is one of the many put out by Filthy Farmgirl soaps. Even though I bought this two years ago, the soap was in great condition when I started using it, and they still sell it on their site! So go check out Filthy Farmgirl soaps, and pick up some booty while you’re at it!











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