Atomic Blonde

Friends and Fangirls, I saw Atomic Blonde this past weekend and had the absolute best time. Saying that movie was everything I had hoped it would be is an understatement, and I can not recommend it enough. So let’s talk about it.

There will be spoilers here, but none too serious.

Atomic Blonde stars Charlize Theron as a British Spy during the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was her job to go in, find and extract a list, and get out. She gets in and remembers what one of her superiors says, and trusts no one. All hell breaks loose.

Working with an American spy, she goes through great lengths to find her list (it’s inside of a watch, and that is rad), but she comes up pretty dang unsuccessful. The plot has a lot of twists and turns that make it hard to talk about (especially without spoilers), but the basic info is that she’s a spy willing to wreck some dudes for her mission.

As much as I was enraptured by the story of Atomic Blonde, I was more blown away by the soundtrack and the fighting. Charlize Theron did all of her own stunts, and I think she usually does, which is incredible. She is also great at it. The fights looked terrifyingly real, and the grunts and hits make it even more realistic. A rarity within this movie was the amount that she got hit. It is crazy rare for a women to be hit by a man in a non-domestic way in a movie or TV show, because folks don’t want to see that. But it makes for an unrealistic movie if a fighter or spy is coming out of fights unscathed. Theron does not. Many hits are landed on her, and she looks like hell after most action scenes. And guess what. None of it is domestic violence; it’s all from fights that happened because she’s a spy.

Another fantastic thing to note of Atomic Blonde is the music. They used punchy music from the time it is set in, and use the beats well. It reminded me of Baby Driver in that sense; the way we heard the music changed a bit per how the character was hearing it (we heard more music than anything else when a character was wearing headphones, when a character moved away from a music source, it got slightly more faint, etc), and that worked out really quite well. The use of music also made it very clear when there was no music, like in the fight scenes. All you hear there are hits landing and grunts from characters as they get hit. It works very well.

The final thing I would like to touch on, is the costuming. The backgrounds were full of Berlin punks, protesting and looking incredibly rad. We didn’t focus too much on punks, but the ones that were shown looked so incredibly cool. And Theron looked absolutely incredible in everything that she wore. The pants had me reeling; a lot of slim top, wide leg pants with a pop of color for the shoe. Also the sweaters had big, chunky designs and were the right kind of oversized. I have heard this compared to Bon, but I haven’t seen those so the only comparison I can make is that he is always impeccably dressed, so was Atomic Blonde.

Everything about this movie was fantastic. I think they chose perfect actors for the roles, and Charlize Theron is an incredible woman and actress. I would like to petition to have her become Black Widow, because this is the type of Black Widow movie I would love to see.

If you’re old enough, you should go see Atomic Blonde while it’s in theaters. It’s amazing, and I hope there are more movies like it.











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