Nerds Gotta Drink: Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Ale

My trips to the liquor store have become far less frequent since my move last year. Drinking isn’t a priority, so alcohol comes at the very far bottom of my “things to spend money on” list. It’s just not important to me. Sure, I’ll have a drink when I go out, but it’s usually from the same pool of drinks that I’ve come to enjoy. Honestly, that’s how liquor store trips go as well.

Every now and then, we host a silly movie night. This past weekend we and a couple friends gathered to watch two Nic Cage movies, Face Off and Raising Arizona. At these movie nights we tend to provide Natty Boh and Angry Orchard, but others usually bring their own stuff. Someone brought Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Ale and I finally got to try it.

I’ve been hearing about Not Your Father’s for awhile now, but most people site the root beer. I have not been able to stomach root beer since I got the flu immediately after having a root beer float as a middle schooler. Because of that, I never looked into other options from the company. But this Vanilla Cream Ale is a gift.

It’s delicious. It doesn’t taste exactly like Vanilla Cream Soda because not much does, but it does taste incredible. It’s very sweet without being overpowering, and that’s always a great thing for someone who isn’t really an ale person.

There was a lot of exposition for such a short review, but backstory is important. I think (if you’re of legal drinking age) you should try this ale. It’s tasty and not too heavy, and the alcohol content isn’t too high. Happy drinking!












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