Packing Week 1: Toilettries

For this month I’m going to be sharing what I’ve done, packing – wise to prepare for my trip to Ireland and England. Since toiletries are the the easiest to pack early (even makeup!), I thought it best to start with them.

Since my trip is going to be so brief, both my mum and I are only packing carry-ons for this trip. And to further limit my space, I am not bringing my regular carry-on luggage because we won’t be going to the hotel immediately after landing, so I’m bringing a large backpack as my main carry on luggage. That means everything has to be small and well organized.

So, instead of using regular to go bottles you can buy at the store, I went with slightly smaller bottles from my trip to NYC two months ago. I used up the shampoo, conditioner, and lotion in these bottles, cleaned (and dried) them well, then refilled them! I’ve got just enough pumps of conditioner to get me through my trip, and a little extra of soap (I didn’t bring fancy soap though, because I plan on ditching these bottles once they’re empty). They originally had PURE brand stuff in them, from the hotel, but now I’ve got Dial Gold Soap (great for cleaning wounds as well as bodies), and Formula of Beauty Conditioner that was legitimately made for me. Since I don’t shampoo my hair all that frequently, I will just use the hotel’s shampoo.

I also have a half empty bottle of face cleanser, and a partial bottle of Toothy Tabs in here. I’m not a big fan of this cleanser, so that will be discarded before I return as well, but I do like the Toothy Tabs, so those will come back if they aren’t empty (but I’m sharing those with my mum, so there may be very few, or non at all). I’ve also got a travel kit full of qtips, two folding toothbrushes (one for each of us), and a razor. These are all necessities. The razor is probably the only thing I’m going to toss before returning.

For cosmetics, I’m also traveling light. I do my makeup daily, and would like to feel good about myself on the trip, so that won’t be changing. But I packed my smallest, basic palette, from Lunatick Cosmetics, so I could have my bases covered, and still have some choices. I read that since planes get bumpy, it’s possible for mirrors and palettes to get cracked. I put in some unrolled cotton balls in hopes of softening any blows. I’m also bringing a full size of my favorite liquid liner, the Tattoo Liner from Kat Von D. I feel that I lose my eyes without my eyeliner, and I’ve had this one for quite some time now. I do not believe it will be coming back with me. I’ve got a mini of Makeup Forever’s basic mascara; I’m bummed because I used to have a Better Than Sex miniature, but I can’t seem to find it. This won’t be coming home with me. I also have my eyebrow palette from NYX coming with me. I took the picture for this and have been reminding myself daily that it isn’t packed. It’s the only thing out of these that isn’t packed, and that’s because I’m nearing the end of it, and I think if I use it leading up to the trip, I won’t have to bring it home with me. I’m using the same protection on this that I did with the eyeshadow palette.  And, of course, I have a tiny brush from the drugstore that I’ll be using for eyeshadow application.

For lipstick, I’m incredibly proud of myself. I only packed two; a neutral and a red, both from colourpop. I love this brand because of the inexpensive nature of their products. So, while I’d rather these both came home with me, it’s not a massive investment if I lose one.

That’s what I’ve got so far! Next week I’m going to get all of my underwear and socks together ( maybe some clothing too!). I’ve got a plan for making that small and easy, so let’s hope it works!












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