Metamorphosis from LUSH

I love Lush so dang much. I know that you all are aware of that, but this whole month is just going to be Lush reviews, so strap in.

Last week Lush announced a couple new products would be showing up on Monday, July 31st (Happy Birthday, Harry Potter). They had them available for preorder, so I hemmed and hawed over whether or not it was worth it, and then I spoke to my favorite referee, Brandon Chalmers, and he told me, If you like it, and it makes you feel good, then you should do it. That is some pretty dang solid advice, and he’s given me a similar line before, so I went ahead and ordered a couple products. The first one that I tried out was the Metamorphosis Bath Bomb.

The first thing I noticed about this bath bomb when I got it, was that it looks a whole lot like EPCoT’s Spaceship Earth, and that makes me all types of happy. The next thing I noticed was the incredible scent. It was spicy and oaky; that’s because of the black pepper oil and myrrh. I dropped it in the tub, and fell even further in love.

After the outer layer of grey disappears, the bath bomb shows off it’s orange, pink, yellow, and green insides. The scent is intoxicating, the colors gorgeous, and the relaxation peak.I loved every second I was in that bath, and absolutely adored that the oaky tones came with me out of the tub. I love when a bath product stays with you a bit past the bath; it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on a single use product. But when something sticks with you, it makes it even more worth it.

A lot of Lush products give you a super pretty, bright bath both while they’re fizzing and once they’re through. This one does not. I ended up with a color that I can only describe as old pumpkin for the water, but it didn’t stain my tub or my skin, and didn’t take away from my experience at all.

I recommend this bath bomb, like crazy. Once I’m through with the ones I have, I’ll be grabbing several more to stockpile; it smells incredible and calmed me right the heck down. If you’re a candle person, I recommend burning FromThePage’s Hobbiton candle while in this bath; the grassy smell will go wonderfully with the oaky depth of the bath.

You can order your own Metamorphosis here, check out the entire new line here, and see FromThePage’s candles here.











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