Packing Week 2: Documents

This week I didn’t do any actual packing, but I did get some stuff together that I’ll need no matter what across the pond. As boring as it sounds, this week I concentrated on documents.

To travel outside of your home country, you need a passport. That is something you have to prioritize. Passports are usually acquired at the post office, but some library locations are starting to help with the process. I brought my filled out form, a money order (you can do a cheque as well; the money is being sent away to the government, check your post office to see if it’s the same), a passport photo taken at CVS, and a couple forms of ID to the BCPL and took care of business. If you live near a library that helps with passports, I highly recommend using that, as it was a more comfortable process than at a post office. It felt less rushed and there were chairs and books! All good things. I got my passport after I bought plane tickets, ages ago. But before you travel, you should not only have your passport, but you should have scans of some documents as well.

I asked Rob to scan and print a copy of my passport, my ID, and my health insurance card for me. I also asked him to email me a copy of them. As much as the idea of losing my passport terrifies me, I know it’s something that happens. While I plan on keeping my passport incredibly safe, I have to prepare for the worst. So, I made copies. Having a copy of your passport will make it easier to get a new one in a foreign country if something should happen to yours. I also had my ID and insurance information scanned because if something happens to my wallet, or either of those cards escapes me, I have proof of who I am and who my insurance is. It’s not fun to think about, but it’s important to keep yourself safe. It’s important to also email these to yourself, and you can access email from a computer anywhere. You could lose all of your stuff but still be able to have proof of identity!

Last weekend we went to the bank. I had some regular business to take care of, but I also wanted to order money. You can order foreign monies from many banks, mine is TD, they have a fee, but it’s usually less expensive than if you do it at the airport. We’re going to pick up my euro and pound tomorrow, and I’m very excited.

That’s all I’ve got for packing this week, hopefully I’ll get clothing picked (and maybe packed) this coming week. It’ll be good to have another thing checked off my list of things to do. Only 19 days left!










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