You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

I started reading this book because I have heard a lot of positivity surrounding it. It’s supposed to be a book that helps build confidence and tells you to follow your dreams, which doesn’t sound like a bad thing. But once I started reading, I knew this book was not for me, and I didn’t finish it.

I know it’s cruddy of me to post a review of something that I quit, or just couldn’t finish. But this book shocked me with how terrible it is and the hype surrounding it, that I just had to share some thoughts on it. It touts itself on being a great book for helping you do many things, but starts with a lack of concern for even keeping language consistent throughout the book (Sincero promises to refer to a higher being by a number of different terms, instead of picking one and sticking with it). That was a big turn off.

But not as big as the legitimate insult that is put out there right from the get go. Part One is titled, “How You Got This Way,” which maybe could be tolerable, until you really get into it. “It’s not your fault that you’re fucked up. It’s your fault if you stay fucked up.” Sincero writes. That is quite the statement, and having it followed with a whole chapter referring to “your fuckedupedness” was a lot for me. I think it’s presumptuous to say to someone reading a self help book that they’re broken and need some serious fixing. It feels like it should be followed with “but for 5 payments of $19.99…” no thanks, not for me.

As someone with anxiety and depression, this book made me angry. I deal with feeling like a broken person, someone whose brain doesn’t work right, all the time. I don’t need a book to tell me I’m wrong at life, I need to be reading things that lift me up, offer escapes and the like. From the title You Are A Badass, I thought I was going to get some positivity from Sincero. I was wrong.

A coworker told me that she finished the book, and it goes on to tell you that it’s worth bankruptcy to follow your dreams. It’s worth having your friends and family sacrifice everything to get you closer to your goals. Maybe that’s how some of you live, but I can’t do that. As many of you know, I’m fundraising for a Team In Training race. I’ve raised 78% of my goal so far, and it’s mostly through small donations. I don’t hassle people who can’t donate, or can only donate a small amount, because these people, my friends and coworkers, have lives. Folks need to take care of themselves before they worry about my fundraiser; that’s just how it is! I am saddened that a popular book is pushing people to overextend themselves with money instead of helping to be happy (or at least content) without wrecking your bank account.











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